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 Sales Service

Before Marketing Service
We will provide the free professional design (planar three dimension) andsimulate the service, And will help you design the most space-saving and economical office collocation

Marketing Serves
The big-scale work management department which is composed of professional engineers, will follow up with the repair unit's coordinated work to make sure that the furniture will be shipped safely and installed accurately.
After-marketing Service
All the products we sold enjoy a -year free guaranteed use and the lifelong maintenance service. That will Show our confidence in our products and he customer guarantee. We have been praised for the high efficiency product maintenance
Although you have already been our customer, our pledge to you hasn't terminated by no means. Our customer after-marketing service center specializes in dealing with customer's consultation, the suit, the maintenance and the urgent service,and even has goodwill visiting and so on,.Make every effort to solve customer's need.
Our services are as follows :
The furniture reorganization and the transporting, the furniture clothing renovating, the furniture renovating, antifouling processing.
During the guarantee, if the furniture is not damaged because of huaman factors and cannot be used after the service, we will give you a replacement which is new and the same brand.

Professional consultation service,The Professional seller will drop in and introducethe products,Showing in exhibition hall and demonstrating the sample,Computer design ,Formulating disposition plan.Completelydistinguishing the customer's product requests,Strictly buying materials and producing according to the customer's ordering requests Strictly inspcting the product quality,Strictly inspcting quality goalProfessional project installment and maintenance service,Before the cargo is deliveried, providing a complete cleaning service,From the cargo is deliveried,Providing five-year guarantee service (to see the details in the product quality guarantee certification),Regular telephone visiting customers,Providing the after-marketing service

Using written guarantee regulation:
1. This written guarantee is only suitable for the original purchase person, and selectsingand purchasing the product must be shipped and the installed in the identical region.
2. This written guarantee doesn't include the damages that aren't created by Chuangmei professional installment,ship, renovatation.
3.This company will be responsible for maintaining or replacing the damaged parts of
originally installing products, besides the peculiar circumstance, the product will not be replaced after leaving the company.The customer must retain the damaged parts or fittings,
that makes the proof, otherwise, any fitting replacement must be considered.the charge.
4. Below this written guarantee is not suitable for thesituation: A.The wooden product difference because of the lignin luster, the texture, Sense of reality B. Non- furniture class product, like electric appliance product and components, stationery and fittings. C.Installing
cushion and other materials.
5. This company will not be responsible for the damage or the accidental incident because of the product flaw.
CHUANGMEI OFFICE FURNITURE CO.,LTD (signature to be effective)
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